Welcome to the Kelbaugh Family (Texas Edition) Website

Webmaster Daddy has been hard at work overhauling the website.
Instead of having to go page after page to get to some of the
older web pages, I've listed all pages on the site, in chronological order.
This will allow you to visit some of the older pages without having
to go through many other pages. All future updates will be listed
on this page. Under each link, I give a brief description of what is
included on each web 
page for your reference.

Spring 2010

Halloween 2009
Fall 2009
(Circus/Pool Fun/Sea World)
Summer 2009
(4th of July Parade/Children's Museum)
Christmas 2008
(Christmas/Thanksgiving in San Diego/SD Zoo)
Halloween 2008
(Halloween/First Haircut)
Summer 2008
(2nd birthday/SD and Lakebay Kelbaughs visit/Treanor Visit)
Easter 2008
Christmas 2008
Halloween 2007
(Halloween/Fun at the Park)
Summer 2007
Pool Fun
First Birthday
(First birthday party in Washington/Easter/Nintendo Visit)
February 2007
(Great Grandpa Paul Visit)
Christmas 2006
(Their first Christmas)
Halloween 2006
(Their first Halloween)
September 2006
(An abundance of cuteness/Auntie Gena/Grannie and Grampa Treanor)
July 2006
(Lots of great pictures of them very young.)
May 2006
(Very first web page. Them in the hospital and
in the NICU./ Them days old/Bringing them home from the hospital.)